Friday, November 16, 2007


I was glued to the tube last sunday and wow was i surprised at what i was to see and hear...Fire was gushing out of the angry father of davao...and later that night i saw both him and a davao's congressman fighting on national news.. I didn't know if I should laugh or be saddened or embarassed over the petty fight between two respected politician of davao.

But one thing surely did catch my attention...when the congressman said that the Mayor does nothing but terrorize the constituents of davao city.... I BEG TO DISAGREE...thats why i nearly fell off my chair...

I had been a resident of davao for almost five years and i still come home to davao on weekends. Davao is home for me. Not because i have my friends, and my family there but Davao is such a livable City. When you are in davao you get to know what living peacefully is. You could actually walk around town at the middle of the night without even having to worry every second that a lowly criminal will attack you. Of course, i am not saying that Davao is crime free...but there's no reason to be paranoid about stuff when your in davao. it is so damn peaceful..unless you get in the wrong crowd of course..

I came across rich aristocrats from provinces around davao..most of their kids are enrolled in davao rather than in manila...i constantly asked the question why (its my silent way of surveying if people share the same sentiments that i have) and i get the same answer everytime...BECAUSE IN DAVAO THEY KNOW THEIR KIDS ARE SAFE.

Whether its true that the Mayor terrorize people in davao...i don't really give a damn coz i know i shall be forever wanting him to be the father of Davao because people tend to follow the one dares to break them...because when they do they will never know what lies ahead...Some people may call that terrorizing but i guess not when i myself reap the benefits of such act... i don't feel threatened and i know thousands of Davaoenos feel the same. You really got nothing to be really worried about if you know you have never inflicted harm on anybody else...and when you do...better run and hide!

Whatever this two are fighting about... i really don't care...cause i know i am living peacefully in davao.
Davao at peace...davao's beautiful skyline...

Wednesday, November 7, 2007


im 28...and yes more than half of my life were spent on politics...uh oh...not that i am really into politics (i never dream of making my life hell!) but because i am a filipino, and being one makes me stupid to not care about what is happening. I was 6 during the edsa 1.i was 21 during edsa 2 and the political noise has never stopped but rather became more irritating than it has ever been..

more than three decades and our politics has never improved NOT A BIT! It got even NOISIER..NOSIER AND NASTIER....
Yes, I said didn't get me wrong nor did i spelled the word differently. The most simple and routine activities of a politicians easily earns its media mileage specially if it would destroy or build ones reputation and the hell it changes ones life... Whoever said that rumors and intrigues are just for the moviestars...with our politicians around...the moviestars can say goodbye to the limelight. Can we blame media? No! Blame our politicians! More mileage means more vote on the upcoming elections! Media is just taking advantage...they have to earn to you know.
And talk about all the bruhaha of wiretapping...Some people may have doubts about it at all but me...YEAH IT HAPPENS...wanna know why i firmly believe so? I HAVE MY REASONS AND I CANT TELL. But trust me it is damn, scaringly true. But you got nothing to be scared about if you aren't keeping dark secrets..otherwise better learn to communicate in codes...
And about how nasty Philippine politics can be...Well i began to wonder...does these politicians ever have real friends? One day they're hugging each other, raising each others hand and got nothing but all praises bout each other but the next day you'll see on the news that they had a shouting sad! It's okay to stand by one's principle rather than by friends. Yes...but what will you do if the other abused power? are you still willing to stand by that person? Just watching and standing by...keeping my quiet...i hate to ask this but its one thing that has been bugging me for days...DO THIS PEOPLE EVER HAVE DIGNITY AND CONSCIENCE? CAN THEY EVER CLOSE THEIR EYES AT NIGHT AND REST PEACEFULLY?
I truly pity these people.And the more i pity my kababayan for staying blind and non caring about this matter. You really think you can't do anything about this? Yes you can...You aren't just a mere spectator or a nobody... you are never one...Is it not that it's our money that they are all running after and killing each other for?
Sometimes, I wish I never have to pay my taxes..But i shall not be eaten by the "dirty" system. I continue to be a law abiding citizen but I shall never forget that I have the every right to meddle with the issues of my beloved country. After all I am still a Filipino...How much it pains me to see our dear politicians destroy themselves...for themselves and not for this Philippines.
Am i to see a brighter and better philippine politics? I will and may never know because i know i've got only half of my life left...