Monday, July 14, 2008

a must read

I had nothing to do one lonely saturday night down bonifacio high street in taguig city, metro manila..(yeah i am just being a little melodramatic here!) passed by fully booked and how can i resist when i am on a four storey all books bookstore! (yah kaya nga fully booked eh! u bookworms outhere...its the place to be). I totally fell in love with the place...and with starbucks on the fourth made me estatic, almost in heaven..knowing such heavenly place exist on earth..weee....

As usual i went to the "must reads" and i found the twilight novels... Just by looking at it made me very curious..well, could this be indeed a next blockbuster? The book is sold at an affordable price that made me buy the first three books... twilight, eclipse and new moon. I bought the novels without even knowing if it was worth every penny...

I started reading and i couldn't stop. it made me wonder: could a vampire empire coexist with every human?

i fell in love with every character in the novel...Who wouldnt fall in love with the character of Bella and Edward?

the love of Edward for Bella was so much that he would do every thing for her..Even wanting to let go so that Bella wouldnt even think of wanting to be a vampire too...

Bella's love for Edward. knows it real and its deep but later, one you might ask..if it is, how come she is also in love with Jacob the werewolf?

i Love the cullens for sure.

There are the kind of conflicts one dosnt expect. And in these novels, it shall change one's idea of vampires...What if vampires really do exist.. What if we get to interact with them everyday without us knowing it. And what if we fall in love with one? hmmm... I could just imagine how disturbed Bella could be.

So if you guys fell like reading...grab a copy of one and start reading... trust me you wouldnt even wanna let go....i didnt.. three days, three books for me!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Soul Mate

They say I shan't look,
Soulmates come at the perfect opportune time.
I waited in vain,
Falling in love hoping it was you.

Mistaken, I continued to believe in you,
Believing that I just haven't found you yet.
All the pain I had to go through,
Wanted me to realize that maybe you weren't real.

I was born to believe in soulmates,
One who will love you despite and inspite of.
I always thought I have met the one,
Only to feel otherwise.

I invested too much time and love
On someone who was never mine.
I looked too far, and too hard,
Forgetting that maybe you were just near.

Soulmates they say are angels,
Angels who are tasked to bring light.
On a cloudy and gloomy day,
And to stay forever.

You came at my darkest hour,
I never believed it at first.
But you held on,
Comforted me through my ordeal.

You were more than just an angel,
You went beyond what I had expected of you.
You gave me every reason to smile,
To believe that soulmates do exist.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Wednesday. July 2, 2008
Nothing really special happened today...
I happened to be so damn angry about the stupid driver of YBL bus number 1955 from Gensan. It was supposed to be a 2stop bus but yeah it eventually ended with almost 20 stops!!!Damn. I ended up with a terrible headache!
Aside from that la na...hehhehe...
I was staring at numbers the whole day and it makes me sick to the stomach...hehhehe...hope i can finish the task at hand the soonest but of course I do not want a sloppy result...

Got to rest now....tomorrows yet another day....
I tried...

I tried to close my eyes,
But yet its you who fills my vision.
Visions of a lovely sunset,
Of which a beautiful angel smiled lovingly at me.

I tried to open my heart to someone else,
Thought of the possibility of a loving relationship.
But it ended up in a wrathing comparison,
Caused it seemed that you own every single space.

I tried to hate you,
Believing that when I do, i'll end up forgetting you.
But yet each memory of pain and the tears you have caused me
I still end up longing for your kiss.

Long lonely nights I've cried and I've tried,
Tried so hard to take control of my heart.
Believing that my pain would go, If i would let go of you.
Honestly I did try, I tried so hard when my angel whispered:


--------JAE, 2004