Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Someone told me a really beautiful story today.This person met someone whom he/she never thought would be the one that would make him/her happy. Let me tell you bout their story and may it inspire you as it did to me.

They lived separate lives. It never even dawned on both of them that the other exist. But indeed destiny had other plans. They met. But they were not aware of the other. Still, they were unaware of what lies ahead. They tried to live life normally…to defy what destiny wrote for them. But the pen that wrote their story was stronger than their defiance. The feelings were stronger than their thoughts. Their thoughts still led them to each other. Questions were raised and God was reluctant to provide them answers until they would learn to listen to what their hearts were singing. She tried and no longer that her knees touch the ground in prayer, she heard the angels sing a beautiful love song. But unlike her, he had many questions, doubts and fears. He was unable to hear the songs because he was hurting. He was deaf to whatever answers that God provided him. She held on believing that one day he will find peace in his heart just like her. The wait was long and hard for her. But she patiently waited. He had the answers but he was distracted. However, destiny had no plans of giving up on them. He clearly laid out everything to him. Taught him how to listen to the rythmn of his heart. Finally, he danced to the music. He finally opened his heart to her who had patiently waited and loved him. They found themselves helplessly in love with each other. Destiny was happy and he entrusted to them the pen. The pen that should continue to write their story.

LESSON LEARNED: We write our own destiny. Sometimes we fall apart but destiny pulls us back into the road that we were tasked to take. We often overanalyze. We fail to listen to what our hearts tells us because we are often blinded by thoughts and emotions. We have lots of baggages in our lives that we are yet to unload. If we learn to do just that, we will realize that the simplest things in life are the things that would make us really happy, focused and contented.

I had always been an advocate of love. Tried my best to keep the fire burning. But what wasn’t meant to be, will never be. I unloaded my baggages and I found out that amongst them was a beautiful one. Packed lightly and neatly. It said ” I believe you had been looking for this for quite sometime. Love Father God.” When I tried to open it…I found God’s perfect gift for me.

Monday, May 11, 2009


I rest on the fact that love when real will make its way to the lovers. Then I ask, who Was I destined to spend life with whom? I waited and I thought i found the answer…Yet to my dismay and disappointment…I again was wrong. I let things flow naturally. Not to force anything on anyone or on me. The right man shall come. At the perfect moment, and in God’s perfect time. That is serendipity…destiny shall make your world grow smaller each day. You shall in the end find yourself in the arms of “the one”, No hurry, no worries! Life is beautiful and love makes every single minute worth living. (Trust me! Serendipity had its way to make things right for me!)

Falling in love was never a task…nor is it a commitment… Falling in love is a right and a privilege. A right to be happy and to make others happy. A privilege to be able to share your life with others and make others life worth living.

I carry in my heart the wonderful gift of person. I wake up everyday thanking God for an ANSWERED PRAYER ..YOU.

YOU and I are perfect proof that yeah SERENDIPITY is real…

Sunday, May 3, 2009


I had been a big fan of the “PACMAN”. I was just one of the million of fans that streamed to the tv sets while the PACMAN hits the canvass. Today May 3, 2009 (Philippine Time) is no different.

Everything comes into a halt. Appointments cancelled. Work set aside. Traffic jams no more. Downtown is enveloped with a deafening silence.

Me and a couple of friends were glued to the makeshift screen at a local resto. Admittedly it was my first time to watch it together with other PACMAN fans and the euphoria is so strong that it was almost unbelievable. The mere sight of Manny on the screen send people clapping.

Then finally, it is TIME. MGM readies itself with the one of the greatest fight of the year. Martin Nievera sang the Philippine National Anthem and it sent me into trance…I was proud to be a Filipino…It was yet one of the best renditions of our national anthem with Martin jazzing it set every Filipino spirit in the mood. Everyone in the room was clapping and shouting…I guess everyone else shared my emotions. Well, one of the blunders of the day was when Manny was introduced as someone from Saranggani, Philippines (for so long he was from Gensan). The announcement shocked the whole room. I thought it had ruined everyone’s mood… I was wrong… It may have shocked us but who cares…It is still Manny …saan man xa lupalop ng Pilipinas pinulot!

Everyone was at the edge of their seats when finally Michael Buffer uttered his famous line. “Let’s get ready to rumble…” Everyone was shouting and clapping for every punch of the PACMAN. It didn’t even take 10 seconds into the game and everyone was up on their feet especially when the PACMAN sent Hatton into the canvass for the first time. (I swear I was on top of my chair…jumping like crazy..all hands up in the air.) I couldn’t care less, everyone was doing the same!

Then, as fast as it had began it was all over. Manny, again made everyone proud, ecstatic, happy, satisfied…THE WEST got the biggest shock of their life with the PACMAN sending the HITMAN to dreamland. The years greatest fight had turned out to be a historic win for every Filipino.

Yet again the PACMAN taught this nation one great lesson: