Tuesday, March 4, 2008


HERE WE GO AGAIN...At the crossroad of yet another power struggle...at the verge of yet ousting another president...
If i am the Filipino People ...i wouldnt allow such to happen. I do not want yet another people power and unsit the president. I do not want to commit the same mistake that exactly put President Arroyo in that very same position. I do not want that the "should be" president in case, Arroyo steps down will have so much "utang na loob" and appoint all those who put him in power. I share the same conviction as Senator Gordon..."whatever we do we can never stop corruption in government...the system itself is already corrupt" actually vaer corrupted... i do not know if there is still some morality in this institution... sorry for those who are not but a mistake of the few...the whole organization is at stake (di nga lang few eh..)
Yes, i do believe that the first couple is guilty as hell. There may be no sufficient evidence to back up allegations but anyway...who needs evidence in corruption? The Arroyo's are not stupid as Erap to leave evidence for people like the opposition to find...Of course they cleaned up a long time ago...(Marcos corruption cases with the PCGG had been dismissed due to this... because he was intelligent enough to clean up the mess!)
Jun Lozada is NO HERO! Yes, i had been an ardent viewer of this reality show called "NBN-ZTE Senate Hearing" I've watched patiently and listended to every word people has to say... I know i am not an authority to judge character...but as simple as I am.. by how consistently he answers the questions without batting an eyelash... I know.. HE IS DEFINETLY TELLING THE TRUTH. He gave up so much for the TRUTH...put his life and family on the line and hey...he actually asked the people to forgive him for he was once one of "them"...Whew that was some courage. The government was definetly fast to file cases of corruption against him... how about the others who was greedier than him? Jun Lozada is one perfect epitome of "moderate greed"..hahaha..
I have had so much respect for PNP Chief Gen Razon... but now... i do not know anymore. That leaves me thinking..."HOW POWERFUL ARROYO IS... THAT PEOPLE JUST GAMBLE WITH THEIR CREDIBILITY and how far this people are willing to go just to battle it out with arroyo" (Naisip ko tuloy...WHO DOES SHE THINK SHE IS? GOSHH..kaya lumalaki ulo coz she knows there will always be people who would cover up for her.)
UNITY WALKS... what does Arroyo want that for? It came out from the mouths of cabinet secretaries themselves... The people who are at the rallies is not representative of the 93 million filipinos.. And same should go to this congressmen and lgu officers...They also are not representative of the 93 million filipinos. Their opinion is definitely not the opinion of "us". Their opinion is dependent on the release of "pork barrel", "ERA" and other "Benefits" which may come in handy especially on times like this... Of course, if I am one of them... would i sacrifice this " fund release" just because of my conviction??? OF COURSE NO...Not now when the 2010 national election is just around the corner.

I personally may not be for yet another people power but surely I want Arroyo to be accountabe... I WANT AN IMPEACHMENT PROCEEDING materialize in the senate. Now that is another reality show to watch out for...another blockbuster...but that is yet to uncover looks like the writers (congressmen) are on strike..they do not want that pencil to write a single word tothat story..

But after all this bruhahaha... i feel sorry for those

  • who are yet to beg in order that they may eat...
  • To shelter themselves under the trees of baywalk, because they are homeless...
  • the Sumilao farmers, who worked all their life had tilled the land yet today cannot harvest any.
  • the victims of the current floods in the Bicol Region (their local leaders are in malacanang doing their stupid unity walk)
  • the 2008 graduating class who shall be out there soon looking for .

The government is not GLORIA MACAPAGAL ARROYO. The government is for the people, by the people.. After all if it is not for the money we pay (As much as we would have wanted to take a bigger net take home pay!) for taxes this "greedy ones" may not be anything....they could not be living in posh villages and driving luxury cars. Doesn't it that this elected officials should owe their "utang na loob" to the millions of people who voted for them? Where have all our values gone?