Thursday, January 3, 2008

i forgot....

i always said that i'd be faithful to this blog ....uh oh....i cannot and wasn't able to keep a simple had been months since the last entry and i'm kinda feeling a tiny weensy guilty about it...

its just that sometimes i can never find the time...when i get home i feel tired and i just wanna head straight to the sack until the next day... yah yah...i know its kinda boring but thats how my life had been for the last two years...same routine everyday and what makes me smile went back to basics....gone were the gimmicks till the wee hours of the morning...(i still do occassionally...mind you i get sleepy at midnight, when during the gimmick days everything just starts to fell into place at midnight...hmmmm) am i really getting to old?
Duringl my pencil pushing days, i ran out of allowance because of parties here and there and now i still ran out of money but my room is packed with stuff...(that i think i need a garage sale real fast..)

back to my blogging...uhmmm wer was i? am i really getting that old? huh i cant even afford to write a simple blog about how my day was....yayay!!

i'l try sitcom reviews...(im keeping my fingers crossed!)

and when you do drop by...say i'll know.....thanks.....see yah around and GOD BLESS 2008!