Monday, May 11, 2009


I rest on the fact that love when real will make its way to the lovers. Then I ask, who Was I destined to spend life with whom? I waited and I thought i found the answer…Yet to my dismay and disappointment…I again was wrong. I let things flow naturally. Not to force anything on anyone or on me. The right man shall come. At the perfect moment, and in God’s perfect time. That is serendipity…destiny shall make your world grow smaller each day. You shall in the end find yourself in the arms of “the one”, No hurry, no worries! Life is beautiful and love makes every single minute worth living. (Trust me! Serendipity had its way to make things right for me!)

Falling in love was never a task…nor is it a commitment… Falling in love is a right and a privilege. A right to be happy and to make others happy. A privilege to be able to share your life with others and make others life worth living.

I carry in my heart the wonderful gift of person. I wake up everyday thanking God for an ANSWERED PRAYER ..YOU.

YOU and I are perfect proof that yeah SERENDIPITY is real…

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